A Deeper Truth
The New Science of Innovation, Human Choice, and Societal Scale Behavior
About the Author
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My background is a dog’s breakfast. It starts with two years at the United States Air Force Academy and a severe case of imposters syndrome. I was convinced everyone there was smarter and more capable than myself. It also includes starting and running a successful marketing consultancy in Ljubljana Slovenia, multiple Software as a Service businesses in the U.S. and Australia, and roles with - or consulting to - huge companies like Shell, Foster’s Brewing Group, and Gale Pacific. I have had the good fortune of working with great teams to successfully identify opportunities and develop innovative products across multiple industries.

Throughout my adult life, however, while battling to learn how to succeed in business, I have also been on a quest to make a positive difference in the world and answer several seemingly unanswerable questions:

- Why has every great civilization, despite every advantage, eventually collapsed?

- What could possibly explain the irrational and horrific behavior that fills our history, the despots, caste systems, and war?

- Why does nearly every successful business - again despite every advantage - eventually fail and fade from prominence?

- And, why, despite the investment of untold sums of money and the commitment of the world's best and brightest, do so many startups and new products fail?

What can be done to reduce the strife, loss of jobs, and in many cases a loss of life that these things cause?

A Deeper Truth is the result of a need to answer these questions and thus hopefully make a positive difference by contributing to our collective understanding. 

Now living in Melbourne Australia, I'm happily married for 20 years and the proud father of two incredibly talented young men.

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