A Deeper Truth
The New Science of Innovation, Human Choice, and Societal Scale Behavior
"It is a page turner!"

Hesham Soliman, CEO of Elevate Technologies
"Surprising, entertaining, and enlightening."

Pavel Dvorak, Principal Azure Pro Pty. Ltd.
A Deeper Truth 
The New Science of Innovation, Human Choice and Societal Scale Behavior 
A Deeper Truth reached #2 in its Amazon Australia category in January 2018. Today it is a must-read for anyone wanting to launch a new product, innovate, or lead cultural change in any kind of organization.

It has been described as both "important" and a "page-turner." While innovation is mentioned in the title, the book is really about human nature, why and how people make decisions, and ultimately how universally shared elements of our decision processes enable behavior and choice to be both predicted and influenced.

A Deeper Truth explains why 9 out of 10 new products fail, the neuroscience behind human choice, and how disruptive successes leverage the fundamental nature of human decision-making. Backed by research across a dozen disciplines, A Deeper Truth explains how genetics and neurology impact perception, behavior, and choice. It also succeeds in providing a comprehensive explanation for disruption even in the arenas where Clayton Christensen himself acknowledges Disruption Theory fails.

Filled with stories and anecdotes, this book succeeds at being entertaining while defining the neurological, social, and evolutionary forces that influence our choices to adopt or reject new things. From products to social norms, these forces are reduced to rules that can be readily applied to de-risk innovation, predict how groups will respond, and ensure the success of your next change initiative, new product, startup, or innovation.

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  1. "It's a page turner!"
    Hesham Soliman, CEO of Elevate Technologies
  2. "Surprising & enlightening."
    Pavel Dvorak, Principal Azure Pro Pty. Ltd
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